2016 Skittles Competition 

The winners of the Plate were Felbridge WI

The runners-up were the team from 1st Hedgecourt Scouts

The Winners (for the second year running) were The McIvers & The Kiwis [picture by Lawrence Homewood]


The individual with the highest average score was Russell Waterman

2015 Event

A great competition this year with 8 teams. The winners of the Gold Championship Trophy were The McIver's & The Kiwis who are pictured below.

Winning skittles team.jpg


The winners of the Plate Competition were the Rowplatt Rollers. The individual players were also competing to see who could get the highest average score per game. The Top 10 results are below

Roger Winmill 23.3
Brian 22.5
Phil Thompson 22.5
Keith Law 21.0
Neil Quarendon 21.0
Neil Matthews 20.5
Russell Waterman 20.3
Rowan Fryer 20.0
Steve Ball 19.5
Lawrence Homewood 19.3
Ken Harwood 19.3

2014 Event

Wow! - A fantastic day and a very tight Competition.

The Competition Finalists were: Saga Louts v McIver Heavers who scored 116 & 113 respectively, crowning Saga Louts as the Champions.
The Saga Louts celebrating
The Plate Competition was also tight with the Beaux Belles v Mill Lane Champions (who won in 2013) with a scoreline of 109 v 114 respectively, rewarding the Mill Lane Champions with the Plate
 a_IMG_1152.jpgThe Mill Lane Champions